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General Research Guidelines

The purpose of the station is to generate objective research-based information that will be made available to cranberry growers and associated industries to optimize and advance cranberry production. Generally, criteria of objectivity for this research should include:

  • Replication in a manner that allows for the application of sound statistical analyses.

  • Balance and comprehensiveness so as to include a range of options for growers.

  • No generation of endorsements that benefit a single entity.


Land and facility use will be prioritized by the Research Station Advisory Committee. Parameters to be considered in this prioritization include, but are not limited to:

  • Potential benefit to the cranberry growers, industry, surrounding community and environment.

  • Availability of objective expertise and adequate funding to complete the project.

  • Consideration of potential negative impacts of the research on the Station itself or salability of the cranberries.


Application Guidelines
  • Submit a separate Project Information Request Form (PIRF) for each project.

  • Note if it is a continuing project and any changes that have been made.

  • If a project has been discontinued, please complete a form, so resources can be reallocated.

  • Check with Lab and Station Manager and Farm Manager, if there any questions about available resources.

  • Project leaders must send trial map/design to the station prior to initiation of the project.

  • The PI is responsible for securing any additional approvals needed for the project.

  • PIRFs are due by March 22, 2024.

  • If any questions, contact:
    Beth Workmaster, Lab and Station Manager,
    Wade Brockman, Farm Manager,, (715) 213-4462

  • The Research Station Advisory Committee will review project requests in late March/early April and you will be notified by April 15 regarding the status of your project approval

Project Information Request Form

Click HERE to access the online PIRF.

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